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Our mission at TicketCRM is to deliver exceptional event experiences by providing an easy, secure, and user-friendly platform for event organizers and attendees. We aim to streamline the process of ticket purchasing and management, integrating state-of-the-art CRM functionalities to ensure successful events and high customer satisfaction.

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“At ByteGeek, we’re the driving force behind TicketBox CRM. Our multidisciplinary team works together to bring you this innovative platform. From conceptualizing the product vision to designing a seamless user interface, from managing intricate databases to ensuring quality, and from optimizing the user experience to utilizing data-driven insights, we make sure TicketBox CRM is reliable, user-friendly, and business-ready, making your customer relationships more manageable and profitable.”


Distribute your tickets across all ticket sales channels

Manage and optimize ticket sales across multiple distribution channels with a single system: your online ticket store, call center, distributors, and ticket outlets. Control the distribution of tickets between channels and synchronize efforts to speed up last-minute ticket sales.

Next-gen seat visualizations

With our 3D venue visualization, your audience can compare locations or seat categories even before choosing the event they want to attend. Integrate your seating chart in a few clicks and launch ticket sales for your event!