Consulting Services

As a research and development company, our passion lies in delivering strong and robust software solutions to our clients.

Our aim is to digitally transform our clients’ businesses by creating and implementing a comprehensive IT strategy.

IT Audit

At ByteGeek, we specialize in conducting independent IT audits to provide companies with the necessary assurances to stakeholders regarding the effectiveness of their measures in mitigating IT risks. Whether it’s during the early stages of concept development or the market introduction of an IT solution, our expertise extends to auditing various technological implementations, ranging from basic smart contracts to complex global remittance projects.

ByteGeek’s IT Audit services aid organizations in gaining a deeper understanding of the key risks associated with their technology usage and facilitate the development of internal controls and systems to mitigate these risks. Our IT Audit service goes beyond risk management, assisting clients in achieving their IT goals and objectives through a comprehensive examination and evaluation of their IT infrastructure, policies, and operations.

Our IT Audit process




Defining audit scope and objective


Evidence collection and evaluation


Documentation of results and implementation support

Our objective is to empower enterprises to embrace the high-tech world. We facilitate the transition from outdated IT architectures to cloud-based infrastructures, enabling the implementation and support of cutting-edge technologies that elevate businesses to new heights.

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Added Value


Our objective is to provide comprehensive guidance to our clients throughout the entire spectrum of technology-related business processes, considering the intricacies of the global IT market. Whether it’s supporting early-stage start-ups or assisting with complex projects in well-established businesses with extensive operating histories, we offer assistance at all stages of the business cycle.

Marketing and branding

When businesses contemplate their offerings, it is crucial to consider the value proposition for the target market and the benefits it brings to clients. With nearly two decades of experience, our team possesses the expertise to undertake extensive branding and marketing endeavors across diverse industries, including FinTech and other innovative sectors.