Bytegeek's 3D Animation Service

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What Is The 3D Animation Service?

ByteGeek excels in crafting immersive 3D product animations, expertly combining state-of-the-art 3D imaging, dynamic video effects, and engaging on-screen graphics. Their services are further enhanced by the inclusion of captivating music, precise sound effects, and clear voice-overs. This multifaceted approach ensures that ByteGeek’s animations not only grab attention but also resonate emotionally with viewers, thereby amplifying the marketing impact of your product or service. Specializing in simplifying complex concepts into visually appealing and understandable content, ByteGeek creates a powerful “WOW!” factor, ideal for businesses seeking to dominate in digital marketing and video advertising spaces.

How It Works

Step One
Concept and Modeling

Define your animation concept and create a storyboard.

Develop 3D models of characters, objects, and environments.

Step Two
Rigging and Animation

Add a virtual skeleton (rig) to your 3D models for realistic movement.

Animate the characters and objects based on the storyboard.

Step Three
Texturing and Shading:

Apply textures and shaders to give surfaces a realistic appearance.

Adjust lighting to enhance visual appeal.

Step Four
Rendering and Compositing:

Render the animated sequences into frames.

Combine frames, add visual effects, and enhance scenes.

Step Five
Finalization and Distribution

Edit and arrange the animated sequences to match the storyboard.

Add sound effects, music, and dialogue if needed.

Review for quality, then export and distribute the final animation.


Our objective is to empower enterprises to embrace the high-tech world. We facilitate the transition from outdated IT architectures to cloud-based infrastructures, enabling the implementation and support of cutting-edge technologies that elevate businesses to new heights.

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Product Animation Pricing

Pricing based on product animations and assumes a 3d CAD model will be provided. Don’t have a 3d CAD model? Please contact us for a custom quote. Pricing verified on receipt of 3d CAD models. Product animations that require human characters, fluid or particle dynamics (liquids, gasses, particles, etc.) or animations outside the realm of product animations (game trailers, movie trailers, TV commercials, etc.) need to be custom quoted for accuracy.

All product animations have a base setup charge of $5,000 + $100 per second of animation. $5,000 base setup includes; optimizing 3d model for animation, texturing, lighting and rigging the product for animation. We send unlimited render samples until the product finishes and lighting is perfected and is approved by you before the animation process begins, the final animation output matches these render samples. The $100 per second of animation charge includes; keyframing 3d product motion, camera paths, timing animation to voice-over (if VO requested), scene staging, compositing, video editing, any on screen graphics requested and computer processing of the animation.

Our Anifex product animation pricing model ensures we can keep true to our revolutionary mindset in approaching each undertaking with determination, infusing passion, originality and expertise into every story we set in motion. We provide creative ways to tell a story, that promotes, sells or educates an audience through 3d animation. We offer superior service, exceptional quality and competitive pricing.

30 Second Animation

$ $8,000
  • 1080p HD quality
  • Photo-real Style 2 weeks
  • Unlimited Render Samples
  • Two 4k Renders
  • Music royalty-free
  • On Screen Graphics
  • Full Quality Animation Review
  • up to 30 Seconds of revisions
  • Add Seconds $100 per second
  • Add Voice-over web-use-rights $300

60 Second Animation

$ $11,000
  • 1080p HD quality
  • Photo-real Style 2-3 weeks
  • Unlimited Render Samples
  • Four 4k Renders
  • Music royalty-free
  • On Screen Graphics
  • Full Quality Animation Review
  • up to 60 Seconds of revisions
  • Add Seconds $100 per second
  • Add Voice-over web-use-rights $400

90 Second Animation

$ $14,000
  • 1080p HD quality
  • Photo-real Style 3 weeks
  • Unlimited Render Samples
  • Six 4k Renders
  • Music royalty-free
  • On Screen Graphics
  • Full Quality Animation Review
  • up to 90 Seconds of revisions
  • Add Seconds $100 per second
  • Add Voice-over web-use-rights $400+

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Jira Software

Jira is a powerful project management tool tailored for software development teams. It streamlines planning, tracking, and collaboration, offering customizable workflows and scrum boards for efficient project management