Studio Fashion

Project: Studio Fashion
Resources: 4+ Team Members
Timeline: 2 months

As their brand was scaling, Studio Fashion needed a custom website and back-end databases/inventory management software to accurately and efficiently get their products to customers. Using third-party softwares was becoming more and more expensive as they were growing, and so they reached out to ByteGeek to build internal solutions for their company. By organizing their thousands of products, building user portals to track each customer, and creating a back-end for the administrators of the business to manage, we were able to move Studio Fashion away from paying other enterprise softwares thousands and to have internal systems built specifically to solve their problems.

About Studio Fashion is an online store. The store presents branded, fashionable Women’s and Men’s clothing as well as children’s clothing and accessories from world famous brands. Studio-Fashion is a real fashion boutique for those who want to emphasize their individuality. In you can make a special order according to your desire and your requirements, this is one of the largest online stores in Europe. Cooperating with us, you can get individual discounts and advice from professionals. All things are presented in 1-2 copies, new arrivals every week. The only drawback of the project is that you want to spend all your money here!